Questions and Answers - GERÊS by TOURS

What is the starting point of a Gerês Tour?

Our Tours can be made from anywhere as long as it is bearable. Our company is better configured to accept Tours in which the participants are invited to the Municipalities of Terras de Bouro, Vieira do Minho, Póvoa de Lanhoso, Amares and Vila Verde.

Can I customize my Tour?

Yes, you can ask whatever we want, we will do everything we can to meet what you are looking for. In our company we can combine everything by phone, Skype or email without any problem.

Is someone coming to pick me up from my Hotel?

Yes, we will pick up the Tour participants where they are staying. We will also return to the site at the end of the Tour.

How many people can make the Tour?

Can participate in a Tour up to 7 people eHow many people can make the Tour? A Jeep but if the group is bigger we have more vehicles and the participants will be distributed by the different vehicles

How can I book a tour?

To have information or to book a tour you must contact us by phone or email. If you fill out the form we will get in touch with you.

Can children participate in a Tour?

Yes, our Tours are perfectly supported by children. We do everything to make them look good at all times.